BANZAI Skateboard Series #01

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Medium 23,5″
This aluminum board is probably the closest you will ever get to the original 70s slalom vibe. We have deleted the shaky behavior of its ancestors but preserved the nimble and quick spirit of a short wheelbase. Lower to the ground and with a narrow shape it demands a more controlled riding technique.

Large 28,5″
Equipped with thicker, shock-absorbing riser pads and a wheelbase near modern skateboards, hovering through the city becomes a new sensation. We were able to carry out the transformation to a modern form of transport. The specially heat-treated aluminum alloy allows stability and power transmission at any speed.


There is a reason why Banzai skateboards are not assembled unlike today’s average slalom or cruiser boards. Carefully assembling your personal Banzai board from its components will give you a deeper understanding of its design and functionality. Just take the custom-designed retro tool out of its leather case and get started. You will appreciate the beautiful finish and the hidden details and above all, put something of your own personality into it.